Why Avia International Travel?

Imagine your business travel management at its best – with easier access to service, more accurate bookings, and cost savings built in.  Our customers hire us because we deliver on this vision.

Let’s talk about your vision and how we can make it happen.

Travel is a vital necessity for your business. Your business relies on travel just as it relies on sales, operations and finance. Travel is essential to help you deliver the best for employees, customers and stakeholders worldwide.

So how do you keep moving forward? How do you surround yourself with the people and solutions that encourage even better execution and inspire success?

Some of the world’s most successful companies in the Energy, Offshore, and Marine industries trust Avia as their travel management company.  If you ask them why – and we did – here’s what they say:

  • Savings – We offer the broadest range of international and domestic travel suppliers and negotiated discounted rates .
  • Service – We build the best business relationships, backed by the most experienced travel professionals in the industry.
  • Systems – We use flexible and customizable technology that make travel – and travel management easier.
  • Simplicity – We can quickly implement our streamlined processes, technology platforms and negotiated discounts to offer ideal travel programs.

So it’s no surprise that over 95% of our customers renew their business relationships with us year after year.

We deliver the right balance of agility and stability in travel management services. We’re steady and consistent, yet we keep moving forward. That’s what we do – and we want to do it for you.

Take a step forward.

“Avia International Travel solely focuses in the Energy, Maritime and Offshore Industries. We understand the complexities of international business travel and support our clients with our unparalleled expertise and savings.  Avia International Travel is uniquely positioned to offer our clients a full range of unified service options for managing their local or global business travel needs.” Antonella Ballatori, President